Staghounds - Hunting on the Run
There is nothing more exciting to me than watching a fit hound that has it's sights set and locked onto a target whether that be a White Tailed Jack Rabbit or the most formidible of running hound quarry, the Coyote
This is Scorch just after running down this coyote last year.  He made the mistake of making a break across a pasture instead of ducking under a fence thinking he could outrun Scorch.  He couldn't and he didn't. 
Sadly, Scorch died of a massive heart attack in July of '08.  She is deeply missed.
This is Mace.  She is a running machine with endless endurance.  She is the best hare coursing hound I have ever seen in person.  She lives to run hares.
This is Strike.  Just 2 years old he has started on coyotes and Jack Rabbits.  He is a classic looking Staghound with a course shaggy coat
Freecoursing the hounds with my friend Karen on BLM land in Wyoming.  There are my 3 Staghounds, a Deerhound and 5 Irish Wolfhounds of Karen's.
Strike at 5 months of age on his first outing in Wyoming
He was a little nervous of the Wolfhounds initially but got over that in a hurry with the excitement of coursing the hares.
Staghounds are excellent hunting companions for the terriers.  Here is Skye out with Dan and Sam.  The hounds marke settes, run down bolted quarry and help draw difficult quarry that are not wanting to leave their hideouts.
Staghound Pups born Sunday September 19.  3 males and 4 females