Jack Russell Terriers
Jack Russell Terriers are our main focus here at Rancho Fiasco.  All our breeding terriers are field tested before they every produce a litter.  This goes for both the males and females.  If they can not or will not work, they will not be bred.  Our pups come from JRTCA registered parents and are all BAER tested and CERF tested annually.
We do not breed litters to sell puppies.  We breed an occasional litter to try to improve the line of terriers we have or to get a better working terrier.  No one can keep all their pups so sometimes we will have pups available.  Jack Russell Terriers are definately not a breed for everyone.  They are a very demanding breed of dog that needs a lot of room, exercise and attention.  They are first and formost a working/hunting terrier and that should be remembered.
Darlene and I have been raising, breeding and hunting Jack Russell terriers for a combined 35 years.  We know terriers as well as anyone.  You are always welcome to give us a call to talk terriers.  There are a multitude of people that are on the back yard bandwagon breeding puppies to make a buck.  It doesn't matter where you buy your pup as long as they are a reputable breeder and breed from JRTCA registered parents.  All puppies are cute.  You have to live with what they are going to be as an adult.
Arapahoe Hunt Opening Day
This is Fergie's Mother.
Static is a solid dependable worker.  Many photos of her on the hunting page of this site.
Static is going to be having her last litter by Wolfgang Stash sometime the first part of August

Bisley is Static's half sister.  She has won more Working Terrier Championships than any other terrier we have. A solid worker in the field. 
If there is such a thing as a perfect terrier, this girl would be close.
Game in the field and as easy going in personality and temperment as they come
Knotty is a Point of View Simon daughter.  She is a hunting freak. Winner of many Working Terrier Championships across the country.  Has worked every quarry in North America.  At trials, she can race like the wind in the under class. If you can beat Knotty, you have a fast terrier.
Rancho Fiasco's Russell's

Amber is a great all around terrier.  Terrific coat.  Has worked raccoons and is fairly hard driven to hunt but is sensible and smart about it.  Just over a year old now. Darlene loves her also because she is a demon on the race track.  She'll give Knotty a good run!  Amber is a littermate to Stout.  She will be expecting her first litter of puppies by Rancho Fiasco Rake sometime the first part of August 2011
This guy is really handsome.  Big head and great bone structure.  Has worked raccoons in the field and is definately on the hard nosed end of the scale which is where a mature male should be.  Has got a super affectionate personality.  Wants to run and play endlessly.  A nice addition to the Rancho Fiasco family.  He has earned a Natural Hunting Certificate.  Has sired some very nice pups
Amber at the MidAmerica Working Terrier Trial

Photo by Cson Johnson
Stout has produced some exceptional puppies already. Rancho Fiasco Snazzy, pictured below who was Best 4 - 6 Month Old Puppy at the JRTCA National Trial in 2009.
Rancho Fiasco Rugger who was Puppy Conformation Champion at both Spring Fling Trials in Texas and recently as an adult, Reserve Best Open Terrier at both trials in Flagstaff, AZ
Rugger's littermate, Rancho Fiasco Winafurd was Puppy Conformation Champion in California at both Spring Fox Frolic Trials
This is Rancho Fiasco Snazzy

Daughter of Fergy by Stout

Best 4 to 6 Month Puppy  @ 2009 JRTCA Nationals

Puppy Conformation Champ
Carolina Spring Classic I & II

Bisley came to us from one of our all time favorite little terriers, Tori or her registered name Skytop Tornado. Her sire is Anglo Terra Ruger belonging to our good friends Dan and Marlene Schmitt from Wisconsin.  This win at our National Trial is the pinicle of our breeding efforts for a combined 44 years with Jack Russells. We are proud of her parents for producing such a nice terrier and we are proud of Bisley as she is as successful in the field as she is in the show ring.
Rancho Fisaco Rugger
Rancho Fiasco Bisley
2013 JRTCA National Trial