Patterdale Terriers
The Patterdale Terriers or Fell Terriers as they are more correctly refered to are used for the same purpose as the Jack Russells.  They are bred to be hunting/working terriers.  Physically they should be structured to hunt to ground.  So many of these terriers that are sold as Patterdale Terriers are big, bulky, deep chested terriers that could no more go to ground than an Airedale.
They must be bold and assertive without being aggressive toward other terriers on the hunt.  There is no use for a terrier that is more interested in fighting other terriers than hunting quarry.  The Fell Terriers are generally bred to be a harder nosed hunt terrier than a softer baying terrier.  Far too many of these terriers are bred to be underground fighting dogs.  They need to use their brains and not go in and attack any quarry without some sence of self preservation.  These types of terriers are of no use to anyone and will grab the first piece of fur they reach, whether it be a foot, a tail or any other part of the quarry.  The result of this brainless work is usually a bad outcome for the terrier who will be severely punished by the enraged quarry.  Our Fell's are biddable and easy to get along with.  My 2 intact males are kenneled together and get along very well.  They will not participate in kennel fights but in the field are all business.  These terriers are generally more layed back in personality than Jack Russell Terriers.  They do not do well with other types of pets like cats etc.

This is Mountaintop Gunner from my good friend Jerry Herrera.  Gunner is the cornerstone of my Patterdales.  You will not find a more well rounded working terrier than Gunner.  He gets along with everything and everyone, male, female or people.  In the field, he is all business and is as hard driven as they come.  I could not ask for a better all around terrier and he produces very nice puppies as well that are just like him.  Both Choco the chocolate/red terrier on this page and the young photo of Shock just above this photo when she was still a pup.
This is Choco introducing himself to a pesty raccoon that had been dining on a rancher's grain room for the past few months.
We did save this coon from Choco but he will remember this meeting for a good long time.
Choco on his first public outing to a terrier event in the Rocky Mountains saw a ground squirrel run under this boulder.  We decided to check the gameness of this young Patterdale Pup.  He was just over 12 weeks old.
Choco at just over 2 years of age.  He has matured into an exceptional working terrier.
Gunner and his pup Shock  Photo taken March of 2011
Gunner with 2 of his pups. Nani on the left and Shock on right. Pups out of different mothers.
A Gunner puppy, Nani. She is just a year old in this photo. Very nicely built. She has a white chin. Photo makes her look a bit undershot in her bite.  Her bite is perfect. She is about 12" tall and 12 lbs. A very game little terrier.
This is Patton, a littermate to Nani pictured above. A very handsome B/T male
who now lives with Jillian in Canada. I would not want to be a raccoon that was faced with this terrier.