We Are All About Hunting here at Rancho Fiasco
Polar just after working a dog fox to earn  his Bronze Medallion
Darlene and Steff with Knotty - Kansas
Static checking a creekbank for Coons
Gunner & Static after working a coon
Fergie & Choco staked out at a sette
Fergie after a hard workout
My good friend Patrick with Mountain
Greg, Mike & Harold after netting a bolted fox
Static helping a farmer in Maryland
Mike & Patrick digging to Static
Patrick pulling Static pulling Patrick
Patrick Wins this one!
Bandit looking for the escape route
Cogburn sizing up the coon.  Coon sizing up Cogburn
Darlene and Bisley getting rid of a Groundhog in a soybean field  MD
Darlene and Janon digging to Bisley in Kansas
A small coon we found here in Colorado with Greg
Bisley working a Groundhog in Kansas
Greg and Doug with a fox we had netted
Doug, Harold, Greg and Mike in front of Harold's Warwagon after a day of badger digging in Eastern Colorado early Winter of 2007
Late afternoon in Kansas with Stephanie and Static checking holes.
Our friend Cody with his nice Patterdale, Bramble after checking a badger sette in Eastern Colorado
Bramble pushing through some backfill getting after a badger
Rake having quickly dispatched this raccoon that was occupying too much space in a farmers hay loft in Iowa.
Rake after working some coons in an old beaver sette.  Static, his sister waits her turn.
Sam says drinking while hunting is important
This isn't my favorite beer.  It's juice. 
Sam acts just like me when I find that out.
Always trust your terriers nose
My good friend Burt with Rake and Ripley out checking some settes.
Mike and Burt with Terriers Knotty and Ripley in tow.
Rake checking a sette that turned out to be empty
Knotty checking a badger sette in Kansas.
Swallowed by the Monster Tree
Our good friend Jodi holding  up an irritated Possum that we were really hoping was a fox as it is in a sette that is frequently used by foxes.  I am holding Static, who is really wanting to get back in to finish checking for more quarry.  I did let her and it was empty that day.